An early stage start-up, nView medical is bringing the next generation image guidance products to market. With its flagship technology - insta3D - nView will be able to assist surgeons in achieving greater accuracy than with conventional imaging, in real-time and without interfering with the surgical workflow.

What does this mean for patients?  nView's advanced imaging technology enables accurate, minimally invasive procedures - which means more predictable surgeries, faster recoveries and lowered admission risks. Just as GPS technology guides drivers safely to their location, insta3D technology can help surgeons perform their procedure more accurately.  

What does this mean for surgeons?   Insta3D provides surgeons with the confidence to be accurate in any situation.  Surgeons who typically perform procedures with fluoroscopy (a modality that provides live x-ray images) will be able to perform more accurate procedures with 3D imaging, including axial view, throughout the surgery. nView's insta3D technology will speed-up surgery by avoiding the need to move the imaging system back and forth between Anterior-Posterior (AP) and Medial-Lateral (ML) positions while minimizing dose. Surgeons who perform procedures with surgical navigation will appreciate the ease of use of a system that seamlessly blends intra-operative imaging and image-guidance in a single system, without image registration and where virtually every instruments can be navigated without needing calibration.

What does this mean for hospitals?  Hospitals can maximize their efficiency in the OR.  At nView medical we know that in the Operating Room (OR) every minute and every square-foot counts. That's why we design our systems for maximum efficiency in the OR. nView medical's system is designed to be interoperable with most surgical instrument and table manufacturers. Besides saving costs, nView medical is also committed to reducing liability to surgeons and hospitals by improving surgical accuracy.

nView medical’s mission is to improve the quality of care for patients and reduce healthcare costs for everyone. nView medical is based in Salt Lake City Utah, at the University of Utah Research Park. The Salt Lake valley is a perfect environment for nView medical to thrive: it is an important research hub with leading companies in x-ray components and medical imaging systems. The team is made up of experienced members from the medical imaging industry with more than 50 years of combined experience.