October 12, 2016 - nView welcome new team members

Welcome to nView’s newest team members!  nView has had a whirlwind 6 months and is excited about the growth of the team.  Dr. Nathan Packard just celebrated his six-month anniversary with nView as an ASEE Fellow.  He has completed his cross country move, and recently welcomed his new daughter Zoe as an official Utahan.  Nathan has been instrumental in advancing nView’s full-scale prototype, developing and implementing state-of-the-art image correction and reconstruction algorithms.  

“Working at nView has been extremely rewarding. I constantly feel myself learning and growing. I love the work, the environment, and the people.” -- Dr. Packard

Two summer interns, Keith Nelson and Justina Wunderlich, joined nView as part time employees while completing their degrees at the University of Utah.  Keith, a senior in the Mechanical Engineering Department, has developed all of the mechanics for the prototype, including a novel x-ray collimator.  Justina, a senior in the Entertainment Arts Engineering Department, has developed a 3D image viewer that can track the tip of a surgical instrument.   Alind Sahay has been brought on as a consultant for the Research Manager position, and has already completed a grant application for the company in his first week.  Dr. Dimitri Yatsenko has joined the team consulting on research covering topics such as machine learning, robotics, and advanced visualization.  

“nView medical boldly pursues daring yet sensible solutions for interventional imaging that are simply out of reach of all existing systems -- I am thrilled to work with the team to bring these game-changing technologies to the operating room.” -- Dr. Yatsenko

nView also welcomes HR consultant Vanessa Diaz to continue growing nView’s team.  Vanessa is currently working to fill the Lead Software Developer and Electrical Engineer positions.  nView looks forward to maintaining this growth trajectory thanks in part to support from Utah’s Governor's Office of Economic Development and the National Science Foundation.  nView currently has open positions for Electrical Engineers and Software Developers.  Keep an eye on nView, as we close 2017 with strong execution!  

May 2, 2016 - nView medical welcomes ASEE fellow Nathan Packard

nView medical is excited to be selected to participate in the Small Business Postdoctoral Research Diversity Fellowship program through the American Society for Engineering Education.  This fellowship aims to encourage creative and highly-trained recipients of doctoral degrees in NSF-supported science, technology, engineering and mathematical disciplines to engage in hands-on research projects in their areas of expertise at the kind of small innovative businesses that historically have fueled the nation’s economic regime.  

Nathan Packard, PhD joined nView medical on April 4.  His focus is in x-ray imaging physics, with an emphasis on the 3D imaging modalities of cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) and tomosynthesis with additional experience in nuclear imaging (PET, SPECT, scintigraphy), ultrasound, and MRI technologies. Additionally he brings 15 years of software experience.  Nathan graduated with a bachelors degree in computer science from Brigham Young University, and a Doctorate in Biomedical Engineering from the University of California Davis.  He is currently in the process of moving with his family back to Utah. Welcome Nathan!

April 13, 2016 - The National Science Foundation awards nView medical a grant for Technology Enhancement for Commercial Partnerships (TECP) as supplemental funding to the current SBIR phase II award.

nView medical has been chosen as a recipient of the TECP supplemental funding.  Technology Enhancement for Commercial Partnerships (TECP) supplements to SBIR program grantees are intended to pave the way for partnerships with strategic corporate partners and investors as a means to increase the potential for SBIR grantees to successfully commercialize their technology. Partnerships are recognized as a critical success factor for commercializing technology developed by small business. Potential partners, however, frequently demand technical specifications and require proof-of-concept data as a prerequisite for partnership that is beyond the scope of the Phase II project objectives. This supplemental funding will enable small businesses to conduct additional research to meet the requirements of a corporate partner that could lead to commercial products and services and a successful partnership. This supplemental funding program is intended to challenge small businesses to begin to develop an outward focus and to more rigorously evaluate their strategic business and commercialization options. It is anticipated that this research will not only benefit the small business enterprise but also provide a mechanism for large and mid-sized corporations and investors to have input into the commercial development of new technology, products and services.

March 29, 2016 - nView medical welcomes interns

nView is pleased to announce the hiring of three spring and summer interns from the University of Utah. Spencer Shiveley, a senior in the Electrical and Computer Engineering program is focused on the electrical system design including power systems, cabling, pcb design, and firmware development.   Keith Nelson, a junior in the Mechanical Engineering program is focused on the mechanical design, building, and assembly of the system.  Justina Wunderlich, a junior in the Entertainment Arts & Engineering program is focused on the system viewer implementation.  Welcome!


Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

July 1, 2015 -  Cristian Atria Welcomes New Team Members

Dear friends of nView medical,

I am pleased to announce some team additions and make their introductions to you:

  • Two months ago we were joined by Lisa Last as Chief Operating Officer. Lisa has 14 years of experience most of it with GE Healthcare working in surgical navigation and C-arms. She brings a strong background in engineering management, systems design, quality controls, regulatory approvals, and system verification and validation. With nView, Lisa will focus on internal operations, supply chain and program execution, as well as leading external relationships for product validation and regulatory approvals.
  • Last month we were joined by Arvi Cheryauka as Chief Technology Officer. Arvi -who is also adjunct professor of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Utah- brings 27 years of experience in medical imaging and remote sensing. Coming from GE Healthcare as well, Arvi has a very strong background in applied research, medical imaging, image processing and image formation. With nView, Arvi will lead technology aspects of the company, including algorithm and software development, intellectual property, research collaborations and future grant applications.

  • I would also like to introduce you to Lori Beckwith. Lori has been Executive consultant doing business as Beckwith Global Consulting for more than two years, in activities that include marketing, business development and funding in the technology space. She has over 20 years experience in business development and has held senior executive roles for 12 years. Lori is joining as part-time Director of Business Development and she will help nView with strategic partnerships, private funding and commercial development.

Please join me in welcoming these excellent new additions to the team!

-Cristian Atria, CEO

April 2014- nView Closes Series Seed Round

nView medical is please to announce that it has successfully closed its Series Seed round. "This seed round is a key step that funds the development of a physical prototype of our technology and keeps us engaged with the National Science Foundation for a Phase IB grant. We are looking forward to assessing the quality of our first images based on the prototype we are building", said Cristian Atria, nView medical's founder and CEO. Concurrently with the funding, we are converting nView medical to a C-corporation and creating a new Board of Directors composed of Clark Turner (Turner Ventures), Chris von Jako, CEO of NinePoint medical and Cristian Atria, founder and CEO of nView medical.

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