Time is critical in the operating room environment. Our vision is that 3D information has to be available throughout the procedure. insta-3D™ technology provides 3D images at the push of a button in 2 seconds, without interrupting the surgical workflow.


Patient safety is crucial, especially when it comes to kids. quantum-dose™ technology has been designed to create 3D images with a fraction of the radiation dose. Tests show that patient absorbed dose is 0.11 mSv per 3D image.

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AI driven visualization

virtual-fluoroscopy: Fluoroscopic imaging is the standard in intraoperative visualization. virtual-fluoroscopy™ derives fluoroscopic views from 3D images, allowing simultaneous visualization of AP, lateral and even axial views from a single system position.

large field of view: The viewed region is 30 cm x 30 cm on AP and coronal views with 20 cm depth in the lateral and axial views. All images can be zoomed and visualized in full-screen mode.

slice views: Coronal, sagittal, or axial orthogonal or oblique views are generated from 3D images.

linked viewports: There is no need to re-image to see from a different perspective. Scroll-through, tap, or tilt the crosshairs on on one view and the respective slices and virtual-flouroscopic views are automatically generated.