Press Release

nView teams with Johns Hopkins to enhance surgical imaging

Earlier this month nView medical ( and the Laboratory for Computational Sensing and Robotics at Johns Hopkins University ( entered a joint research agreement to integrate optical technology into nView medical's real-time surgical imaging system.

nView medical's mission is to provide the most precise information during surgical procedures to improve accuracy, minimize errors and increase efficiency. Many surgeons typically use fluoroscopy, an outdated modality that provides live x-ray images to perform procedures. Optical and x-ray imaging are highly complementary and bringing them together into a single real-time 4D imaging system will be an important step towards providing ultra-low-dose and large field of view imaging during minimally invasive surgeries.

CEO Cristian Atria put it this way, “Surgery is all about improving the quality of life and saving lives. 4D imaging will help surgeons do both in less time, at lower risk and cost. That’s why our goal, from day one, has been to use all available information to guarantee that our image-guidance systems are the most accurate and efficient, and become the next wave in surgical technology. So, we’re really excited about this strategic collaboration. And we thank the National Science Foundation for supporting this joint research.”

About nView

nView medical is an early stage start-up whose mission is to bring next generation image guidance products to market. With its flagship technology - insta3D - nView will assist surgeons in achieving greater accuracy than with conventional imaging; in real-time and without interfering with the surgical workflow.